Buying the Right Dog Food

Buying the Right Dog Food

Some different feeding regimes you could use with your dog are dry complete diets, semi-moist or tinned dog food with or without biscuit mixer, and home-made food. The type of diet you're feeding your dog can affect their digestion and you will find that with a suitable diet your dog will produce firm and brown stools.

There are a wide range of dry complete dog foods available and the quality varies widely. To give your dog what they need choose a food specially tailored for them and buy the best dog food you can afford. The premium dry foods tend to have high quality ingredients, they may seem expensive to buy, you do not need to feed the as large amounts as you would with lower grades of food.

Always remember that if you're changing your dog's diet you should gradually change it to avoid any problems and after that trial the diet to see if it's suited to your dog.

Below is a selection of the Dog Foods we have to offer -

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