Do Kittens Need Different Food?

Do Kittens Need Different Food?

If you've just welcomed a new kitten into your home - congratulations! Now that you’ve settled your kitten in you’ll be wondering how you can best help them grow up healthy and strong.
A healthy and balanced diet is very important to you kitten. Feeding it the right amount is important too, not too much and not too little. Believe it or not pet obesity is a growing problem in the UK.

Cats are true carnivores, so to stay healthy they have to eat certain nutrients which are only found in meat or commercial cat food. 

Feeding a complete, commercial cat food is preferable to a home-made diet as it is actually very difficult to achieve the correct balance of nutrients if you make a cat’s diet yourself. 

Kittens DO NOT need treats. To avoid your kitten becoming obese don't give them any treats. You can give them treats when they are older and only on occasion but you must make sure they are healthy.

Take into account a number of factors when choosing what and how much to feed your cat including their age, weight, body shape, the food packet’s guidelines and veterinary advice. The best food for kittens is one that's been formulated specifically for their age. Kitten food is specifically formulated with high levels of protein, which is essential for proper growth. It also has higher levels of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and iron to help build strong bones and teeth. Kitten food also contains more vitamin C and vitamin E, which help support kittens' immune systems.

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