Jodie Marsh and Pets Local Help Animal Sanctuary

Jodie Marsh and Pets Local Help Animal Sanctuary

When celebrity Jodie Marsh visited our Pets Local shop in Essex we were extremely pleased to be able to help her cause. She wanted to buy 11 bags of dog food but we wanted to help to so offered to double her purchase as it was for such a great cause.

Later, we saw this post on Jodie's Facebook page :

"With every sale of this coat from my website I said I would buy a bag of dog food (giant 15kg bag) for local animal sanctuary Wanderers Haven. Yesterday I went to buy 11 bags (I had sold 11 of them so far) and I went to an amazing pet shop - Pets Local - when I got there and told them what I wanted to buy, they doubled my purchase so for every bag of dog food I bought they gave me another one. So I got 22 giant bags of dog food for the sanctuary!!! So kind and generous of them. I couldn’t believe it!!!!!! So well done to everyone so far who has bought one. With the generosity of Pets Local, we have now provided 22 bags of dog food so far for dogs in need. I’ll be taking them to Wanderers next week so watch out for more posts when I do! You’re all amazing. Thank you"

View original Facebook post :

We just wanted to say a huge 'Well Done' to Jodie for helping the animal sanctuary and we hope to see you again soon!

For more information about Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary visit :

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